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Programs and Events

AYO organizes and hosts a wide variety of programs and events for youth and young adults. We can also accommodate your events.

Check this page for upcoming events and examples of past programs, and use the form below to reserve your activity.


Community Homes

AYO, in partnership with Agapé Project, has a mission to extend a warm and welcoming hand to individuals and families facing housing instability. We believe in the power of compassion, support, and community to create a brighter future. Our mission is to provide a safe haven, a place of hope, and a pathway to independence. We open our doors to all, embracing diversity and inclusivity, as we work together to eliminate housing disparities and foster a nurturing environment for everyone. Join us in building a community where every door opens to a world of opportunities and where no one is left without a home and the support they need.

Community Homes Services

  1. Immediate Housing Support: Agapé and Advance Youth Outreach Community Homes can provide immediate housing support to clients referred by community-based organizations and institutions that provide direct services, offering a safe and stable environment to those in need.
  2. Expanded Capacity: Our program offers additional room capacity, addressing the need for more space to accommodate clients effectively.
  3. Easy Application Process: We have a streamlined and efficient application process, ensuring a seamless transition for clients referred by community-based organizations and institutions.
  4. Three-Month Support: We can offer a dedicated three-month support program for individuals referred by these organizations, providing a structured pathway to more permanent housing solutions.
  5. Emergency Room Availability: To cater to emergencies, we can designate one room for 24-hour call and intake, ensuring clients have access to immediate support when needed.
  6. Case Management: Our comprehensive program includes case management services, providing clients with guidance and resources to address the root causes of their housing instability.
  7. Workforce Development: We offer workforce development training to empower clients to regain economic independence and self-sufficiency, aligning with a holistic approach.
  8. Supportive Environment: Agapé and Advance Youth Outreach Community Homes provides a supportive and inclusive community where clients can rebuild their lives.
  9. Collaborative Network: We are part of a network of organizations and contractors, including CHASM, Sister Isaac Center, Eastern Carolina, and Help Hub, ensuring that clients receive a wide range of support services.
  10. Mission Alignment: Our mission to eliminate housing disparities aligns with the commitment of community-based organizations and institutions that provide direct services, creating a strong partnership to serve the community effectively.

View our Target Population Criteria (PDF)

To apply for housing under this program, Download a copy of our Housing Applcation (PDF), print and fill it out, and return it to us in person or by email.

Youth Empowerment Solutions (YES)

YES is an evidence-based program that empowers youth to make positive changes in their communities and to work with adults to support their efforts.

The goals of the YES program are to provide youth with opportunities for meaningful involvement in preventing youth violence and creating community change, to enhance the ability of adults to support youth in an empowerment framework, and to change the social and physical environment to reduce and prevent violence (especially youth violence).

AYO's I-S.T.E.A.M. Inner Engineering Principles Adapted Version for Marginalized Communities

Understanding the unique challenges that marginalized communities face, we have tailored our program to address Adverse Community Experiences (A.C.E.S), providing a supportive environment for your children to thrive.

Our program is designed to guide your children through self-discovery, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness practices. By acknowledging their experiences and emotions, we empower them to build resilience and nurture their well-being.

• Science and Technology: With a focus on hands-on experiments, interactive workshops, and projects, we encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and an exploration of the natural world. Through this, we aim to inspire a sense of curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of science and technology.

• Engineering and Innovation: Through collaborative challenges and real-world problem-solving, we equip your children with the tools to design, build, and innovate. By applying engineering principles, we help them develop skills to create solutions that positively impact their communities.

• Arts and Creativity: Recognizing the power of creativity in holistic development, our program seamlessly integrates artistic expression and creativity into STEAM education. This enables your children to tap into their imagination, express their experiences, and nurture their artistic talents.

• Mathematics Mastery: Our engaging and experiential approach to mathematics aims to establish a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and enhance analytical skills. By providing a supportive learning environment, we empower your children to excel in this essential subject.

Beyond academic growth, our program emphasizes community empowerment. By fostering a sense of belonging and agency, we encourage your children to become active contributors to their communities, addressing challenges and promoting positive change.

We understand the importance of holistic support for marginalized communities. Our program not only focuses on educational aspects but also provides resources and guidance to support the mental, emotional, and social well-being of your children.

Through a comprehensive approach that acknowledges Adverse Community Experiences (A.C.E.S), we work to build resilience in your children. Our goal is to equip them with the skills and mindset needed to overcome challenges and thrive despite obstacles.

By nurturing their unique strengths and perspectives, we aim to cultivate leadership qualities in your children. We believe that empowered individuals from marginalized communities can bring about positive and transformative change.

Our adapted I-S.T.E.A.M program is committed to promoting equity by providing specialized support and opportunities for children from marginalized communities. We believe in creating a level playing field where every child can reach their full potential.

Upcoming Events

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Mon, Mar 1, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Youth Leadership Development Program Orientation

Orientation for Youth Leadership Development Program for participants ages 13-17. Books and pads will be supplied. Masks required. There are still a very limited number of spots open. Sign up using the form on the Sokoto House website's Programs page (under the YES program).

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Past Events

Aviation Event

AYO organized a trip to the Young Eagles flight program at the Cape Fear Regional Jetport, where youths ages 8-14 learned about aviation and experienced flight.

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